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Better results for academies

A new report from NFER explores the association between academy status and the attainment of pupils in high-stakes exams.

Academy schools in England are funded by the state but have the ability to teach a different curriculum from the national curriculum, are not bound by the school teachers’ pay and conditions document, and set their own admissions policy. The first academies to be founded in the mid to late 2000s were sponsored academies, under-performing schools whose running is taken over by a sponsor. Now more academies are converter academies, maintained schools deemed to be high-performing that choose to become academies.

Comparing similar schools’ performance in 2015, the report finds that, for secondary schools:

Both results were statistically significant.

For primary schools:

Neither result was statistically significant.

Source: Analysis of Academy School Performance in 2015 (2016), NFER.

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