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Promising results for Numicon


A new report from the National College for Teaching and Leadership describes an experiment to evaluate seven education interventions simultaneously, and also to explore the potential of collaborative practice in the delivery of large-scale randomised controlled trials (RCTs).

The interventions were selected for their potential to close the achievement gap for pupils with below average literacy and numeracy achievement. After 27 months of delivery, the majority of results were non-significant, with the exception of Numicon Intervention Programme (NIP) which showed a positive effect on maths achievement and progress (particularly for pupils eligible for free school meals).

As part of Closing the gap: test and learn, teachers were trained in research methods and 50 teacher-led experimental studies (including RCTs designed and conducted by schools) were grant funded as part of 11 separate research projects. Oxford University evaluated the experiment and concluded that a “school-led system” could develop research capacity through a scheme such as this.

Source: Closing the Gap: Test and Learn - Research Report Winter (2016), National College for Teaching & Leadership.

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