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INSIGHTS on socioeconomic disadvantage and challenging temperaments

A paper on the impact of the INSIGHTS programme looks at its effect on the behaviour of kindergarten and first grade (Year 1 and Year 2) children in the US with high-maintenance temperaments (see also Best Evidence in Brief 74). The goal of the INSIGHTS programme is to train teachers and parents to recognise children’s personality types and adjust the learning environment as needed.

Data collected at five time points using direct observations, teacher reports, and parent reports revealed moderate impacts on reducing disruptive behaviours (effect size 0.42) and off-task behaviours (effect size 0.33) and increasing behavioural engagement (effect size 0.35). These effects were larger than in a previous study, which led the authors to consider whether children at highest risk (such as in the current study) were most likely to benefit from such interventions.

Source: Getting a Good Start in School: Effects of INSIGHTS on Children with High Maintenance Temperaments (2015), Early Childhood Research Quarterly

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