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CLEAR route for gifted students

The CLEAR model (Challenge Leading to Engagement, Achievement and Results) is a viable option to enhance learning for gifted students, according to a study from the National Research Center on the Gifted and Talented at the University of Virginia.

The CLEAR model aims to establish a rich curriculum and responsive instruction to stimulate learning in gifted students. The three-year study recruited gifted third grade (Year 4) students (1,215 students in the first year’s cohort, 1,007 in the second year, and 683 in the third) in regular classes or small groups that were assigned randomly to the CLEAR intervention or a control.

Two CLEAR units were used: poetry (The Magic of Everyday Things) and research skills (Exploration and Communication). Intervention classes completed either both (first and second cohort) or one CLEAR module (third cohort).

The authors report that multilevel analyses of data from more than 200 classrooms revealed statistically significant differences in achievement in favour of students who used the CLEAR model.

Source: What works in gifted education: Documenting the effects of an integrated curricular/instructional model for gifted students (2014), American Educational Research Journal

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