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Research suggests link between well-being and achievement

Researchers from Queen’s University in Belfast have explored the relationship between well-being and academic achievement scores among primary school children, and found it to be statistically significant. These new findings were based on data on academic achievement and a range of well-being indicators gathered through a cross-sectional survey of 1,081 pupils aged 7–11 in Northern Ireland. The team used six of the most common measures of well-being, covering psychological factors, school engagement factors, and family and peer relationship factors.

The authors found that the positive relationship between well-being and achievement was the same for all children, regardless of their gender or socio-economic background. Therefore, they suggest that efforts to improve achievement that focus on well-being should not be targeted specifically at children in economically deprived areas or be modified in terms of gender. Instead, a more universal approach to promoting well-being across the population would be appropriate in order to improve educational achievement.

Source: Miller S, Connolly P, and Maguire LK, Wellbeing, academic buoyancy and educational achievement in primary school students (In press, 2013),International Journal of Educational Research.

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