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Behaviour programme shows promise

Researchers from the University of Western Sydney in Australia have published new research detailing a study of Positive Behavior for Learning (PBL), a schoolwide systemic approach to promoting both positive behaviours and student learning. PBL aims to establish strong systems that involve all staff and pupils, and to implement evidence-based practices that support behaviour and learning.

The participants in this study were 2,129 pupils from 18 schools in Australia. A total of 827 boys and 888 girls from four primary and eight secondary schools implementing PBL (the experimental group) were compared with 188 boys and 226 girls from two primary and four secondary schools (the control group).

Using a structural equation modelling technique to test group differences, the authors found that the pupils in schools that had implemented PBL for over nine months had higher scores in both self-reported behavioural and adaptive motivational factors. Specifically, they found higher scores in:
They conclude that PBL may benefit all pupils, but more work may be needed for boys.

Source: Seeshing Yeung A, Barker K, Tracey D, and Mooney M, School-wide Positive Behavior for Learning: Effects of Dual Focus on Boys’ and Girls’ Behavior and Motivation for Learning, International Journal of Educational Research 62, 1–10.

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